The holiday season is upon us. This is a time to reflect on everything we are thankful for. Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in our busy lives and forget how lucky we are.  I want to be sure that my children never forget how fortunate they are. I also want to teach them to care for and help others in need.  This is sometimes a difficult lesson to teach a 5 year old, especially during Christmas time. My daughter, Skye, is already compiling her Christmas wish list. That is why I really want to show Skye how to do something that will positively impact someone’s life.

I thought that helping families and children around the same age as Skye would help make the lesson a little more relevant for her. So I researched about Compass Family Services in San Francisco.  This is an organization that provides housing services and other comprehensive support to families in need. They serve approximately 2300 families per year. I thought, what a great opportunity to help!

Please help Skye raise funds to buy necessary items to help San Francisco families in need. Our goal is to raise $250. With these funds we will buy various items that will help Compass Family Services provide necessities for children and families.

Here’s how you can help:

Donate on our Razoo campaign by clicking here:

Send a contribution through paypal at:

If you want to donate items please email us at: to schedule a pickup or delivery.

Here’s a list of items that Compass Family Services Needs:

·         Diapers of all sizes, including pull ups

·         Travel sized toiletries

·         New socks and underwear for children and adults

·         School and arts & craft supplies - pencils, markers, stickers, pens, glitter, paper, feathers, etc.

·         Canned and other non-perishable food items

·         Feminine hygiene products 



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