Going from a mommy of 1 to a mommy of 2 was a HUGE adjustment. I felt that my mentality needed the biggest overhaul. I thought I was prepared to be super mom, especially since I already practiced with my daughter. Boy was I wrong. For those thinking about expanding or already on the way to expanding, I wanted to share some of the differences between my 2 children (including pregnancy). I hope that this will help more parents mentally prepare for some of the changes to come.
D = Daughter
S = Son


D- I craved sweets and Oreos

S- I craved salt…chips…salty soups mmmmm

Morning sickness:

D: none

S: all the time

Similarities: heartburn and acid reflux with both


D-My water broke at 4 AM no baby till 16 hours later

S-My water broke at 4 AM baby just 2 hours later

Infant Feeding:

D-Tried to breastfeed/pump and failed after 3 months

S-Pumped exclusively and stopped by 11-12 months


D-early for her age for both

S-Refused to crawl, walking was better but not as soon as his sister


D-Chatter box before she was 1yo. Full sentences before 2.

S-Very few words by 1 yo. Short sentences by 2.

Fine motor skills:

D-At Age 2: Has a hard time with some fine motor movements. Ex: pushing small start button on washing machine.

S-At Age 2: No problems with fine motor skills. Easily pushes small start button on washing machine.

At the end of the day both of my children are very intelligent and quick learners.  They each have their own strengths and weaknesses. At first it was very hard not to worry about my son because he did not learn or act like my daughter had. Now am I able to recognize the differences and embrace them. I have also learned along the way that these little human beings are just amazing in their own ways. All the learning, development and growth that they do from the womb through the present and beyond is such a miracle.  I’m simply BLESSED to be their mommy.

My husband and I strive to do the following:


Listen to our children

Support our children (emotionally, physically etc.)

Have fun with our children

Teach our children: To be kind, use Manners, love one another, be thankful, help others, continuously learn and improve and most importantly...LIVE POLOWAIIAN

#LivePolowaiian #withanopenheart #openmind #buildonthefoundationsofcultureandfamily



12/17/2016 7:23am

It's cute that you presented the comparison of having a daughter and having a son! There are lots of differences between your experiences for the both of them! There are times that a situation with your son is quite harder than what is with your daughter. I think, it's normal. They may be different at some point, but what's important is they are both fast learners! As a parent, it's enough reason to be proud for the both of them, it's already a big blessing!

Noelani Shurill
12/28/2016 5:50pm

Yes! It was tough to wrap my head around their differences at first. Now I embrace their differences and learn about them everyday.


I’m impressed about your timeline of how your children differ from one another. It’s probably mother’s instinct to remember everything because it’s a mom’s way. It’s something that we can’t forget in our lifetime. It’s also an unexplainable feeling why a mother knows everything their child feels. I’d like to share my own experience but I think it would be too long for a comment. For an afterthought, both of my pregnancies were C-Section and breastfeeding was difficult on the first 3 days. As two of my sons grew up as toddler, they both are different in many ways but I love them so much.

I think when you are having your second child, you somehow expect the second child to be greater with although not everything but at least some of the activities than your first child. You start comparing stuffs and skills with the both of them. This is not that bad at all actually. What I learned with your post anyway is the essence of accepting and embracing these differences. They are just beautiful the way they are. Anyway, big thanks for sharing this one. It is really informative.

12/17/2016 7:25pm

The problem with fine motor skills is usually if a baby doesn't crawl. My eldest just got up and walked and we had big problems with his fine motor skills. When we played games with him with rolling a ball with our noses while crawling he got over it.

Noelani Shurill
12/28/2016 5:48pm

Wow I did not know about the link between crawling and fine motor skills. Learn something everyday.

01/03/2017 11:23pm

It's really an interesting idea, I never thought it before. A very nice article!


We are so different yet the same. This difference forms a character and personality.

05/30/2017 10:35pm

All of them are cute little creatures.

05/30/2017 11:02pm

Thank you for sharing different steps of baby growth, quite helpful.


Thanks for the post.

06/09/2017 1:15am

Thanks for posting.


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