My 6yo is very inquisitive and she seems to just have a huge thirst for knowledge. I love that about her personality. As a parent that also means that I have a great responsibility when answering her questions. I try to instill strong moral values in her and try to teach her to have a positive outlook on life. As a Native Hawaiian, my family and culture always taught me to take care of the land. We are one with the land and if we care for the land the land will continue to care and provide for us. I also continue to pass this message onto my children.

For this reason I was really excited to come across a company called Miero! At first glance I loved the cork look of their bracelets so I was interested in possibly buying some.  When I looked at their website I was hooked. Not only did I like the style of the bracelet but I found out that they even carve inspirational messages on the inside!!!! I could do a custom message or they had messages to accompany their designs. I knew I was going to buy one already. The positive message could inspire me every day and I could share this with my daughter! Double Score!!!

"Be stubborn about your goals, flexible about your methods."
As I looked through more of the website I learned that all of their products are vegan and sustainable. The cork based leather is gathered using a natural bark shedding process which is awesome. I can buy their products with a clear conscience. This goes back to my sense of responsibility to take care of the land. Needless to say I bought a beautiful “S” Hook bracelet. I chose to go with their inspirational quote because it went with my theme for this year about goals.  The quote says: “Be stubborn about your goals, flexible about your methods.” LOVE!!! Here is my bracelet:

And I was even more excited to partner with their company to continue to spread the inspiration of their products and company!  Mieroglyphs produces “Goods for the good of this world.” Please please please check out their cool products. They specialize in bracelets for both men and women, Miero key chains and even pet accessories. Because they are so excited to continue to spread the inspiration and love, Mieroglyphs will take of 20% of your purchase by using promo code: THEPOLOWAIIANS

Please let me know what you think of the product! I’d love to see photos and hear what inspirational quotes you all use.

P.S. I’m so excited to give my daughter her key chain for her birthday! She can share in the positivity!



01/18/2017 1:29pm

positive message always inspired everyone and your thoughtful story stolen my heart thanks for posting such an amazing content.

02/06/2017 5:31pm

This blog post delivered a positive message to its readers! You are a great mother for you are instilling strong moral values your children could use and benefit from it. I love how understanding and how thirsty for knowledge your child is. I see a bright future ahead of her. Always remind her to be positive at all times and be a goal oriented woman. She should bring the learning wherever she goes. Share the positivity and don't be a pessimist. I'm inspired by your post! Thank you for sharing this.


I love this! What really made me choose to purchase from Hieroglyphs is because it wasn’t just about buying a bracelet. I was able to turn this bracelet into something sentimental for me, something that I can look down every day and be reminded of something much bigger, the message I chose that has a true meaning and purpose that is dear to my heart. I can also look down and know that my money was spent on a company who shares similar values as me and supports the well-being of the people, animals, and all living things on this Earth. Thank you!

01/24/2017 2:33pm

I love vegan jewelry, they're so unique ! Ps. you sound like a supermom. Way to go!


Instagram: @paperdollsarah_

05/14/2017 2:42pm

Someone told me that by using positive accessories will help you in your life. And I think after I read your article, it proves something good. I think I will try this jewelry as soon as possible. And I hope by using this, it can help me see the positive sides. Thank you for sharing your reviews.


Amazing! I didn't think that inspiring quotes can be also put into jewelries. This is my first time to see this kind of jewelry. Aside that you can wear it anytime, anywhere, you can also share positive thoughts with other people through this accessory. May I ask where can I buy this online? I want to give my mother a bracelet as a gift. Thank you very much for sharing this informative article with us.

Noelani Shurill
01/27/2017 12:36pm

You can order these online at https://www.mieroglyphs.com/. As a bonus you can get 20% by using Promo Code: THEPOLOWAIIANS
Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog :)

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Positive thinking can change your life. Stay positive always!

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A good step towards promoting positivity among the people.

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